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The Challenge.

Having proven their business concept, travel startup Winerist were looking for an agile digital marketing agency that could cope with the fast-paced nature of the travel industry, and would adapt their strategies according to seasonal and logistical requirements. They hired Enable to help them to generate sales and enquiries through their website, and set us a challenging ROAS target in order to prove paid search, paid social & display advertising to be viable acquisition tools.

The Approach.

In order to maximise the ROAS for Winerist, we created highly targeted campaigns for each of their key target locations across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads & Instagram. We quickly discovered significant differences in behaviour between users dependent on their proximity to the target location, which led to the creation of a multi-tiered account structure based on user locations. This enabled us to optimise bids for users dependent on their stage of the customer journey, and also to assign bid modifiers for each device in each campaign, which led to increased conversion rates and ROAS.

What They Said.

Enable have helped us develop our digital marketing strategy. In a tricky industry, they’ve made sure to understand how to properly target customers and how to effectively build campaigns to drive the most efficient results. The best thing about working with Enable is that they are very responsive and they are always willing to learn and adjust their strategies, this makes our conversations more personal and it helps them understand our business better.
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