We create cutting-edge PPC campaigns that deliver serious return on investment. Expertly managed using advanced advanced setup and optimisation techniques, we deliver first-rate campaigns that enable our clients to stay one step ahead of the competition.



"Enable have helped us develop our digital marketing strategy. In a tricky industry, they've made sure to understand how to properly target customers and how to effectively build campaigns to drive the most efficient results. The best thing about working with Enable is that they are very responsive and they are always willing to learn and adjust their strategies, this makes our conversations more personal and it helps them understand our business better."


Yasser Tsikhlakis - Winerist


"Enable have a great team of PPC experts and provide us with the no-nonsense service we need. Their reports provide good insight into the campaign performance and also let us know exactly what they are doing to improve the account. Thanks guys!"

Patrick Hill - Charles Marlow & Bros


"Enable provided us with a fantastic service and an incredibly reasonable price. We very much felt that we contact the team at any point and have their full attention. Their knowledge of Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager was paramount to the success that they achieved for us. As was their thorough and innovative approach to testing different ads and different targeted audiences. We would highly recommend Enable."

Benjy Barkes - Sentiospace


 We are certified members of the Google Partners program, as well as accredited Microsoft Advertising partners, demonstrating our expertise across the world’s two major PPC platforms. We are also proud members of PPC Samurai’s Platinum Partner program which enables us to combine our knowledge and experience with cutting edge automation technology.



The PPC approach that we have developed is based on years of testing and optimising campaigns across a wide range of industries. Although all accounts are different, we believe that our methods are applicable to companies of all sizes and for all budgets. Read more on our approach below.


Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process ensures that seasonal peaks and troughs are factored into the strategy in order to deliver maximum value throughout the year. We work with our clients to ensure that their business goals and targets are built into our PPC strategy to ensure that we can deliver the desired outcomes in line with their strategic objectives.

Account Organisation

Our PPC accounts are set up using advanced setup and organisation techniques in order to maximise campaign performance. Our tried and tested process enables us to maximise quality score while keeping click costs as low as possible so that we can deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Negative Keywords

We check every single search query which triggers our ads in order to minimise wasted clicks and save the budget for higher quality traffic. As soon as a new search word appears in our search query reports, it is highlighted to a member of our team who can then decide whether to allow further impressions from this search word, or to add it as a negative keyword. This ensures that we are completely on top of our search term reports to ensure minimal budget wastage.

Bid Optimisation

We have created our own bid optimisation tools which enable us to make optimum keyword bids and bid adjustments that maximise our clients ROI. Whether our clients goals are CPA or ROAS focused, our tools ensure that we are bidding at exactly the right level to ensure that their targets are met consistently, and that their overall results continue to improve as we gather more data.

Ad Testing

We have developed a tried and tested ad copy testing process which enables us to maximise the Clickthrough Rate of our ads while maximising Quality Score. By designing relevant and impactful ads and putting them through our comprehensive ad copy testing process, we are able to consistently outperform CTR benchmarks as well as Google’s own ad optimisation algorithm.

Keyword Expansion

We use keyword expansion tools to constantly expand upon the range of relevant keywords that we use in our accounts. In this way, any new search queries are picked up by our software and added into the relevant Ad Group once they have been approved by our team. Our keyword lists are constantly evolving based on search trends which ensures that we stay a step ahead of the competition.

Audience Optimisation

Audiences have become a key feature of PPC account, not only for display purposes but also for search campaigns. By measuring performance across in-market, demographic and remarketing audiences and assigning bid adjustments based on their relative results, we are able to supercharge campaign performance.

Demographic Targeting

We have also developed tools which monitor campaign performance across age and gender demographics in order to identify the most profitable demographic groups. In addition to this, we monitor geographic performance in order to funnel traffic towards the best performing locations which enables us to maximise the ROI from our PPC campaigns.

CLIENTS & Experience

We work with some great companies of all shapes and sizes across a variety of industries. The one thing they have in common is a commitment to PPC as a vital part of their growth strategy. Here are just a few:





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