Professional proofreading service

The Challenge.

Having seen success with paid search in-house, Proofed were looking for a specialist digital marketing agency that they could trust to work with them on a long-term basis. They had proven their business concept and had the systems in place to grow their business significantly, and hired Enable to deliver a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would enable them to achieve their ambitious growth targets.

What We Did.

Our initial approach was to create highly targeted Google Ads campaigns focusing on student proofreading in order to maximise ROAS in this key target area. We developed segmented campaigns based on user languages & locations and utilised the data we gathered to identify key trends in demographics which enabled us to further optimise campaign performance.

We have since developed the campaigns into other areas, such as businesses and authors, which has helped Proofed to further expand their customer base, and has enabled them to continue to achieve their aggressive growth targets.

What They Said.

Enable have helped us grow 200-300% YoY. They are always thinking of ways in which we can improve targeting. We love the approach they take; primarily that they take the time to understand our business and data in order to see what additional benefits could be had. Very happy with the Enable team.
Kiran Chauhan
Proofed Inc.


Publishing Push

Increase in leads


Increase in leads