Samara James.

Engagement ring specialists

The Challenge.

Having already run successful Google Ads campaigns, Samara James were looking for an agile agency that would work with them on their existing account and would be willing to maintain the complex campaign structure that they had in place, and to help them grow this over the long-term. They hired Enable as an agency that they felt they could trust to manage their substantial budget and to help them maximise the performance of their account, while also delivering multi-channel paid social campaigns to further enhance the performance of their online marketing efforts.

What We Did.

On taking over the Samara James account, our first challenge was to minimise any wastage within the existing campaigns, which we did by conducting in-depth search query analysis and extensive single word mining, which enabled us to immediately increase the efficiency of the campaigns.

Once this was complete, we moved on to closer optimisation of the account, including a full restructure of the keyword strategy while keeping the campaign structure in place, while also carrying out a process of keyword sculpting which ensured that the most relevant keyword was triggered by each search query. In addition to this, improvements have been made to ad copy and ad extensions which have ensured that the CTR of the account remains above the benchmark CTR.

What They Said.

We have worked with Enable for almost 3 years, and in this time we have seen significant improvements in our Google Ads campaigns. First they helped us to reduce our overall spend without impacting performance, and then have helped us to scale the account in a more profitable way. We would recommend Enable to anyone other than our competitors!
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Samara James.



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