Juliette Martin, PPC Executive – 18/03/20

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, employees everywhere have been advised to work from home until the virus can be slowed. Now, this may be the norm for some people who already work from the comfort of their own home. For others, this may take some time getting used to.

Of course, working from home has many benefits such as, swapping your commute in favour of an hour more of sleep, or having your pet keep you company. But, we also know the pile of washing suddenly looks appealing or the temptation to binge watch your favourite Netflix show is increasing. So, working from home means motivating yourself to retain the same amount of focus as you would have in an office setting. Therefore, being at home can take a little more effort in order to stay productive and effective.

To help, here are 5 top tips we recommend when staying productive whilst working from home. First things first sit up straight, have something to eat and get dressed (into something other than pjs).


Location, location, location

           Tip 1. Choose a designated and comfortable workplace that you can mentally associate your job with. Meaning you should be able leave for breaks, lunch and when you finish work. Your bed may be irresistible but, this might create more stress with yourself later on. We like to start the day by getting ready, eating and making coffee. That way our brain triggers a ‘start of the work day’ mentality. Maybe check your calendar to keep track of what day it is.


Have a plan

         Tip 2. We love a to-do list here at Enable. We love to write a daily list in order to keep us in check. So, why not do the same whist at home? Before you start work write down the list of things you’d like to achieve by the end of the day. Hey, maybe even let your boss know what you’ve been up to.


Communication is key

        Tip 3. To avoid any mishaps or frustrations, discuss with your colleagues clearly what tasks lie ahead, what you’re working on or what tasks you have completed. We love using monday.com to keep up-to-date with what’s going on as well as slack.com as a communication channel. We’ve also been talking daily on the phone but, video calling works well too (as long as you’re out of bed).


Take a break

        Tip 4. It can be easy to be feel guilty about working in the same environment you sleep or relax in or feeling the pressure to complete tasks so your boss knows what you’re up to. And, if you’re like me and working in the dining room, it may be inevitable you eat at your desk. But, rather than just opening YouTube whilst the laptop is there or even scrolling through your phone, take a break from your screens and your desk all together. We recommend going for a brisk walk, sitting in the garden or even exercising in your home – whatever you feel may relax you. Think of it as a brain reset, ready for the next hour or so.


Be unsociable on social media

        Tip 5. Lastly, make it harder for yourself to browse on social media. Its job is designed to make it quick and easy to open and browse for hours. During work hours, this convenience can be the detriment of your productivity. So, place your phone in another room, remove the bookmarked tabs on your browser shortcuts or even sign out of your social media accounts as a reminder to not wonder.


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